Mining Bridges

Unibridge® is constructed from a series of prefabricated box girders either 11.4m or 6m length. They are pinned end to end and connected transversely with spacers which allows for the installation of a steel deck with anti-skid coating or concrete deck. In standard form the Unibridge® is available in three different girder depths (1.0m, 1.25m and 1.6m) and the required girder depth is based on the span of the bridge. These bridges can accommodate heavy mining and industrial traffic such as wheel loaders and tipper trucks but we can check and confirm the suitability of the bridge upon receipt of your specific vehicle parameters.

Unibridge® has been designed to be suitable as a permanent bridge and in a mining or industrial situation we can provide a bridging system which is durable for the task in hand. For example, road trains in Australia can transport payloads of up to 400 tonnes at a maximum speed of 65km/h and Unibridge® has been used successfully to carry such vehicles transporting stone / aggregates from a satellite mine to the main crushing plant.

If it is necessary to accommodate an even heavier vehicle train or industrial equipment e.g. for power stations, it may be necessary to look at adjustments of the Unibridge® to suit the requirement. Alternatively we can design and fabricate a bespoke structure using the same modular principles of Unibridge®, thereby giving you a fast response time both in terms of the initial design and also in terms of production.

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