Unibridge® Trading

Developed by Matiere, the Unibridge® pre-designed and pre-fabricated modular steel bridge system is co-manufactured by Matiere and Eiffage Metal who have come together to create Unibridge® Trading.

With a team of experienced engineers and designers, and with a combined steel production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per annum Unibridge® Trading is well equipped to meet your requirements for modular steel bridging.

With production facilities in France and an international sales and support network we are capable of providing a solution to your bridging needs wherever that may be.

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In 1932, Louis Matiere installed his first watermains in the Cantal Region of France. Since then, 45,000 km of pipelines have been installed by Matiere.

Marcel Matiere invented a buried concrete arch system in 1983 and patented Matiere® modular culverts. With a network of licence holders throughout the world, 9,000 prefabricated structures have been built to date.

During the 1990s Matiere developed steel bridge systems for larger span applications and has its own design team and production facility.

Whether concrete or steel, Matiere continues to pursue innovative solutions for the demands of civil engineering for today and tomorrow.




Eiffage Metal

With origins back to 1844 Eiffel is part of the Eiffage Group which has been responsible for iconic structures such as the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Now operating over 5 business sectors; concessions and PPP, construction, public works, energy sector and metal, Eiffage Metal have 70,000 employees and annual turnover of €13billion.

Eiffage Metal has demonstrated its skills in metallic construction, working in the fields of civil engineering structures, mechanical engineering, petroleum and nuclear industries, and glass facade works.




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