Abnormal Loads / Railway Bridge

As well as being pre-designed against a range of standard international live loads e.g. Eurocodes, AASHTO, British Standards and Australian Standards, the Unibridge® system can also accommodate abnormal vehicles and railway loads

Extra wide vehicles and payloads can proceed across the bridge without interfering with the structural members which are underneath the bridge deck. An exceptionally high payload can also proceed across the Unibridge® because there is no overhead bracing required on the bridge. Extremely heavy vehicles can also be accommodated – please contact us for a complete a design check against your specific vehicle requirements.

If it is necessary to make adjustments to the Unibridge® to suit a specific abnormal load requirement, this can be completed at short notice. Alternatively we can design and fabricate a bespoke structure using the same modular principles of Unibridge®, thereby giving you a fast response time both in terms of the initial design and also in terms of production. As standard with all our bridging, a suitable corrosion protection system is also provided.

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